Hypersonic Plane Hits Turbulence – the misleading title

Don’t get it wrong – probably no turbulence at hypersonic speeds (look in “Viscous Fluid Flow” of F.M. White or “Boundary Layer Theory” of Schlichting to discover that drag is not a function of the Reynolds number anymore at Mach larger than 1 or so). The title says – “turbulent funding”

Hypersonic Plane Hits Turbulence; Budget Cut, Testing in Doubt | Danger Room from Wired.com


Lockheed recently unveiled a new sketch for Blackswift, the Pentagon’s $800 million hypersonic airplane project.
The question is whether the program will ever be more than sketches and
mock-ups. The Senate Armed Services Committee has recommended cutting
the project’s budget by more than 40 percent; even its backers in the
military doubt whether the aircraft will ever fly. .

More on Wired news:

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