What keeps me busy these days?

Long time I’ve not written a word here. It’s mainly cause other media streams are capturing all the news in my professional life and the clicks of interesting sites. Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc.

I’m not sure why, but it seems that WP lost in this battle. I probably need a quick: add to the blog button somewhere in the toolbar.

Otherwise, trying to manage the research/teaching/administrative duties with the family time. And of course to push forward both OpenPIV and OpenPTV

So, one interesting image meanwhile:

Leaving work late

Leaving work late


Which one of the academic “facebooks” will actually make it through?

It became difficult to stay an anonymous scientist these days – with or without our permission, every single thing you do is linked, related and compared to some index, some group of similar interests, etc. The initiatives such as http://www.researchgate.net and http://www.academia.edu are making our life simpler in some sense, but at the same time very difficult: you need to be really determined to avoid it.

What bothers me most these days

What bothers me most these days


Long time not see, I guess that’s what you think when look at my blog from time to time. Indeed, I almost completely switched to Google+ (general interests), Facebook (family, friends), Twitter and LinkedIn for professional updates, etc. Why? Maybe because I was never really the blogger – I am too lazy to write, I am keeping the blog mostly for publicity related to my work: fluid mechanics, turbulence, research, teaching and open source software that I believe we need to promote: http://www.openptv.net is the new consortium that must come true and the older, established http://www.openpiv.net that has ups and downs since 1998.