The introductory “text”book on turbulence by Davidson, P.

I do not really understand how can one, aiming at introductory course to young minds say something like:

Kolmogorov’s tehory of the equilibrium range is considered by most researchers to be one of the success stories of turbulence. Of course, it tells us only about the small scales. This is unfortunate, since the small scales are often (but not always) of limited practical importance!

The author of course understands that the beauty of turbulence is that there is no such thing of some scales being more or less important ! the flow without small scales won’t be turbulent, as well as the one without the large scales (well, not sure, maybe the large ones are not important :-)). So it’s not clear why it’s unfortunate – the only unfortunate thing is that we still do not have a book better than Tennekes and Lumley “A first course in turbulence” – 1972 !!!
I agree that the graphics is awesome, but ….

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