IEEE Xplore – Long-Duration Time-Resolved PIV to Study Unsteady Aerodynamics

IEEE Xplore – Long-Duration Time-Resolved PIV to Study Unsteady Aerodynamics.


If you’re after unsteady fluid dynamics processes that last longer than ten Kolmogorov time scale units (most of the processes do, besides the viscous tilting we’re been working on for some time or turbulent entrainment across a thin interface) then you need to stream and store your data. We solved it two ways: long-duration streaming and/or real-time image processing (see Kreizer and Liberzon, Exp. Fluids, 2010)



want to know your real citation index – use Google Scholar

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Using Web of Science, I get about 170 citations for 29 publications. That’s fine, but for example few very important works that I was lucky to be involved were published only in Conference Proceedings or all kind of publication series, e.g. Advances in Turbulence which is in fact proceedings of the European Turbulence Conference. In any case, real impact is provided by Google Scholar.

For example:


I also recommend using Firefox extension for h-index – gives a lot of useful information.