Turbulence Colloquium Marseille 2011 – Proceedings of the Turbulence Colloquium Marseille of 1961

Turbulence Colloquium Marseille 2011 – Proceedings of the Turbulence Colloquium Marseille of 1961.

This is one of, or probably the most important meeting on Turbulence. All of the names are now part of history of this great problem I like to work on.

Strongly recommended.

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want to know your real citation index – use Google Scholar

turbulent OR suspension AND author:”A Liberzon” – Google Scholar.


Using Web of Science, I get about 170 citations for 29 publications. That’s fine, but for example few very important works that I was lucky to be involved were published only in Conference Proceedings or all kind of publication series, e.g. Advances in Turbulence which is in fact proceedings of the European Turbulence Conference. In any case, real impact is provided by Google Scholar.

For example:




I also recommend using Firefox extension for h-index – gives a lot of useful information.



A High-Speed Camera Records Turbulence

A High-Speed Camera Records Turbulence

The article says:

Max Planck researchers in Göttingen answer the decades-old question of how particles separate in turbulence.

This is the 3D-PTV system with the same principle as the system we use in ETH Zurich [link] for some time, but it's faster (something like 4 times faster) and it generates a huge amount of data. The group is very active, it moved from Cornell University, USA to Max Planck and now the "sky is the limit". We all will meet in Leiden in "Mixing and Stirring: the Langrangian approach" meeting and workshop [link]. Looking for a constructive and fruitful discussions.