Daniel Weihs’s study on fish finds its applicaton in the wind farms

Fish inspire wind farm configuration – physicsworld.com

Strength in numbers?

Now, Robert Whittlesey and John Dabiri of the California Institute of Technology have worked out how best to arrange such closely spaced turbines by drawing on the work of aeronautical engineer Daniel Weihs, who showed in the 1970s how fish save on energy by swimming within schools. Such fish form a series of offset rows, and Weihs found that fish get carried forward by the vortices created by the swimming motion of their two closest companions in the row immediately in front of them. Whittlesey and Dabiri wondered whether the relative spacing of vortices produced by an individual fish might serve as a good template for the arrangement of vertical-axis turbines within a wind farm and set up a computer model to test this idea.

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Just happy to say that we have a great opportunity to work with Daniel Weihs on bird’s aerodynamics project. The work focuses on aerodynamics of an osprey

From Picasa Photo Albums of Abram Fleishman (All rights reserved)

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