The pain and turbulence analogy

Watching the kids I notice that it’s very good that they feel pain for their small accidents – this is precisely the preventive mechanism of dangerous things they might decide to do otherwise. Why? Because they have too much energy and they need to dissipate it. While dissipating not fast enough, the energy is converted to kinetic energy and then …..
What I do understand that this is almost the same unifying principle for which turbulence exists – this is the mechanism that prevents the pre-existing potential energy (e.g. water, gravity and elevation that leads to fast river flows and to turbulence) to convert into too high kinetic energy – these are natural “brakes” that prevent our nature from disasters. Imagine Volga River without turbulence – the flow will reach speeds of thousands of kilometers at the lowest portion – it will simply destroy the Earth, by splashing the Caspian Sea.


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