Winds of change in the University of Western Ontario

Faculty of Engineering – The University of Western Ontario – Home Page

This is DOME:

WindEEE Dome

in which tornados will be simulated at almost 1:1 scale. How the flow will be measured? Do you have any idea? write to us.

The world’s first hexagonal wind tunnel, home to research that will protect us from storms and harness the power of wind, will be built at The University of Western Ontario, supported by funding announced today from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI). The project, led by Western Engineering professor Horia Hangan, received $9.5 million toward the total cost of $23.6 million.  
The Wind Engineering, Energy and Environment (WindEEE) Dome’s unique shape will make it the first facility capable of physically simulating spinning wind systems such as tornadoes. These and other forms of wind cannot be created in traditional wind tunnels.
The WindEEE Dome will be used to understand pollutant and contaminant dispersal, wind effects on agricultural crops and forests, optimal positioning for wind farms and turbines, and for measuring the impact of wind on buildings, wind turbines and agricultural crops.

“The WindEEE Dome will produce many scientific knowledge breakthroughs and world-first discoveries. This exciting science will save lives, and it will be done right here in London,” says Holder. “Western continues its position as a global player which will attract and retain brilliant minds in London.”

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