High-volume ‘stream computing’ from IBM

That’s what is precisely needed for turbulence researchICTR should act immediately to check the opportunities:

IBM calls the resulting technology “stream computing,” because the software deals with streams of data.

Also this week, IBM opened the IBM European Stream Computing Center, headquartered in Dublin. The center will serve as a hub of research, customer support, and advanced testing for stream-computing applications.

System S is IBM’s answer to the growing problem of data overload, the company said. In particular, it is a response to the growing amount of unstructured data–such as Web pages, e-mails, blogs, video and data captured from electronic sensors–that organizations are faced with processing.

The new IBM software is designed specifically to handle such information, as well as the structured data found in databases. It processes this data in real time, giving users the ability to make decisions based on that analysis right away, according to IBM.

“Traditional computing models retrospectively analyze stored data and cannot continuously process massive amounts of incoming data streams that affect critical decision-making,” IBM said in a statement. “System S is designed to help clients become more ‘real-world aware’, seeing and responding to changes across complex systems.”

via IBM tackles high-volume ‘stream computing’ | Business Tech – CNET News.


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