The main tool we use in tracking – PhotoGrammetry

Introduction to Photogrammetry

This brief introduction is written for non-photogrammetrists.
It should give a rough overview about photogrammetry, its history, used
instruments and some common techniques. It was not intended to be a
complete reference. To get more detailled information, please choose an
adequate publication from the Literature section.

1. What is Photogrammetry
Photogrammetry is the technique of measuring objects (2D or 3D)
from photo-grammes. We say commonly photographs, but it may be also
imagery stored electronically on tape or disk taken by video or CCD
cameras or radiation sensors such as scanners.
The results can be:

  • coordinates of the required object-points
  • topographical and thematical maps
  • and rectified photographs (orthophoto).

More on Intro to Photogrammetry

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