The twenty-fifth anniversary of experiments in fluids

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The twenty-fifth anniversary of experiments in fluids

The future of Experiments in Fluids,
which is closely linked to the wide-ranging field of experimental fluid
mechanics, is unquestionably bright. Developments in recent years have
been nothing short of remarkable, not only in the technologies applied
in our field, but also in the physical insight now attainable through
experiments, in combination with theoretical models and numerical
simulations of the physics of complex flows that we observe in
engineering, nature, and our everyday lives. Contrary to past
prophecies of the reduced role of experiments in a world dominated by
numerical simulations, the insight gained from temporally and spatially
highly-resolved flow and scalar measurements have directly led to
discoveries of physical phenomena, and have become a dominant factor in
the guidance and verification of simulations. Taken together, the
foregoing advances have driven new developments across the entire field
of fluid mechanics. We, the Editors of Experiments in Fluids,
are therefore looking forward to the next 25 years of publishing,
which, no doubt, will be very interesting. We take this opportunity to
thank our many readers, authors, and referees, as well as our
colleagues at Springer-Verlag, for their continuing support and
enthusiasm for the fascinating topic of our journal.

Wolfgang Merzkirch

Donald Rockwell

Cameron Tropea

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