From Xerox labs:

BBC NEWS | Technology | Xerox plans the the future of today


Water filtration, BBC

Xerox has drawn on technology it developed to move tiny particles of copy toner around for use in its spiral water filter.

Instead of transferring flush water through a series of tanks where the
detritus slowly settles out, the device sends it through a spiral

Centrifugal force moves the heavier particles to the outside
wall of the channel while clean water hugs the inside. A fork at the
end of the tube splits it into clean and dirty streams.

By the end of the process, said Mr Parekh said: “There is a small
stream of water with the particles in it and 90 per cent of the water
is clean.”

While this filter can clean out bacteria and other gunk it does not eradicate viruses.

The main beneficiary of this technology could be water treatment
facilities that can reduce the amount of land they need because the
process does away with several steps in conventional water filtering.
Mr Parekh said other benefits included a reduction in chemical costs
and usage by 50% as well as lower energy requirements.

From: BBC Science News

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