Excellent news – AIAA books are available for masses

April 7, 2008 – Reston, Virginia – The American Institute of
Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is pleased to announce a new e-book
initiative to make its unique content available in electronic form,
allowing for unprecedented ease and flexibility of access. AIAA has
partnered with MPS Technologies, a Macmillan company, to make e-books
available via MPS’ BookStore digital content delivery platform.

initial launch of the AIAA eBooks will include 130 titles from the AIAA
Education Series and the Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics
series. Attendees at “SLA 2008,” the annual meeting of the Special
Libraries Association, June 15-18, 2008 in Seattle, Wash., will be the
first to see the new e-books.

“We are particularly excited
about making out-of-print Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics
series titles widely available once more, as well as gaining new
exposure for authors. AIAA eBooks content will be available at the
chapter level in addition to the complete e-book. This flexibility will
enable us to offer bundled subject-related content in the near future,”
said Rodger Williams, AIAA Director of Publications.

In 1960,
the acclaimed Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics series began
documenting the rapid technological advances in aerospace and related
fields. The series focuses on books that demonstrate a particular,
well-defined subject in aerospace science, engineering, or technology.
In-depth, technical substance is the primary emphasis, although some
volumes include additional material (such as semi-technical background
history) needed to thoroughly cover the subject.

worldwide, the distinguished AIAA Education Series supplies highly
specialized textbooks and monographs for students and researchers in
colleges and universities. Working scientists and engineers count on
these texts to bring them up to speed for new projects, and they also
serve as lifelong references. Each book in the series reflects the work
of expert engineering professionals and professors who know how to
organize and present materials for the classroom and for practitioners.
Typically presenting subject material tutorially, they discuss
fundamental principles and concepts, and supply informed perspectives
on state-of-the-art advances.

The MPS BookStore digital
content delivery platform helps publishers manage the transition to new
digital publishing and distribution models. It allows publishers to
hold and display back-list and front-list book content in a consistent,
stable and secure digital repository for delivery via multiple channels
and in a number of formats. For more information, visit www.mpstechnologies.com.


advances the state of aerospace science, engineering, and technological
leadership. Headquartered in suburban Washington, D.C., the Institute
serves over 35,000 members in 65 regional sections and 79 countries.
AIAA membership is drawn from all levels of industry, academia, private
research organizations, and government. For more information, visit www.aiaa.org.

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

1801 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 500, Reston, VA 20191-4344

Phone: 703.264.7532 Fax: 703.264.7551 www.aiaa.org

AIAA announces new e-book initiative

AIAA announces new e-book initiative

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