G.K. Batchelor’s Prize in Fluid Mechanics goes to Howard Stone

Message from Ben Freund, President of the International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics | iMechanica

It is with great pleasure that I report that the G. K. Batchelor Prize in Fluid Mechanics will be awarded to Professor Howard Stone of Harvard University as recognition “for the breadth and depth of his research over the ten-year period 1998-2007, and for his widely acknowledged leadership in fluid mechanics generally. He is particularly well-known for his pioneering studies in: microfluidics, including understanding the ‘slip’ boundary condition, control of mixing, and electroosmotic effects; foam drainage, especially the proposing and testing of a new, generalised foam drainage equation; surface tension and surfactant effects; biological fluid dynamics; and colloidal dynamics. He shows a remarkable capacity for the devising and analysis of simple model problems which lead both to important fundamental understanding and practical application, using theoretical, computational and experimental methods.”


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