Our most recent publication, on arxiv

Small scale aspects of flows in proximity of the turbulent/non-turbulent interface

Authors: M. Holzner,A. Liberzon,N. Nikitin,W. Kinzelbach,A. Tsinober

Abstract: The work reported below is a first of its kind study of the properties ofturbulent flow without strong mean shear in a Newtonian fluid in proximity of the turbulent/non-turbulent interface, with emphasis on the small scale aspects. The main tools used are a three-dimensional particle tracking system (3D-PTV) allowing to measure and follow in a Lagrangian manner the field of velocity derivatives and direct numerical simulations (DNS). The comparison of flow properties in the turbulent (A), intermediate (B) and non-turbulent (C)
regions in the proximity of the interface allows for direct observation of the key physical processes underlying the entrainment phenomenon. The differences between small scale strain and enstrophy are striking and point to the definite scenario of turbulent entrainment via the viscous forces originating in strain.


4 pages, 4 figures, Phys. Fluids



Fluid Dynamics (physics.flu-dyn)


Cite as:

arXiv:0705.0675v1 [physics.flu-dyn]


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