From CFD-Wiki – what is turbulence

What is turbulence? — CFD-Wiki, the free CFD reference

The cost of our ignorance

It is difficult to place a price tag on the cost of our limited understanding of turbulence, but it requires no imagination at all to realize that it must be enormous. Try to estimate, for example, the aggregate cost to society of our limited turbulence prediction abilities which result in inadequate weather-forecasts alone. Or try to place a value on the increased cost to the consumer need of the designer of virtually every fluid-thermal system-from heat exchangers to hypersonic planes- to depend on empiricism and experimentation, with the resulting need for abundant safety factors and non-optimal performance by all but the crudest measures.Or consider the frustration to engineers and cost to management of the never-ending need for ‘code-validation’ experiments every time a new class of flows is encounteredor major design change is contemplated. The whole idea of ‘codes’ in the first place was to be able to evaluate designs wihtout having to do experiments or build prototypes.

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