Online database of organized structures in turbulent flows

Now it sounds like “a definite catalog” of the “on the shelf” structures :-). But this is very good that those will not be
“mixed” in the literature by quoting the same “structure” by many different names

e.g. Low-speed streaks


Horseshoe vortices:

or bulges

Coherent Structures

or streamwise vortices:

What I do not understand is why the funnels are not listed [from here]:


2 Replies to “Online database of organized structures in turbulent flows”

  1. That is a really nice source of information. The usual turbulence books do not say much about coherent/organised (are both interchangable?) structures. Only Davidson’s book has an account on it. Do you have any references for someone who does not know much about these structures?

  2. Myself 🙂

    well, there are several books about coherent structures, but I also never saw a detailed catalog of all.

    Not complete, but more detailed information is in:

    “Eddy structure identification” J.P. Bonnet (Eds)

    “Turbulence, Coherent structures, Dynamical systems and Symmetry” by Holmes, Berkooz and Lumley


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