More about Taylor, very nice

Yesterday I joined the – a meeting place for mechanics-oriented people, including fluid-mechanics oriented people. At the same time, during the preparation of my next lecture for the “Introduction of Turbulence” (TAU graduate course) I came back to the Physics on the web paper of Brenner and Stone about the work of G.I. Taylor (we should say Sir Taylor) and the course they give, based on his great contribution to physics.
On the next day, the Google alerts system have shown that somebody noticed it (thanks) and add a comment on the blog mentioning another website from India where people mentioned Taylor’s contributions. This is great because:

  1. the online spread of knowledge really works (isn’t it called web 2.0?)
  2. I learned something new about Taylor’s contribution
  3. I learned something new about the motion of a cylinder in the limit of very low Reynolds number – can you believe it that if cylinder falls inclined, it will remain inclined? it won’t rotate, won’t turn to the ‘less-friction’ case of vertical fall? It also has the lift force, due to the inclination. The simple conclusion I have is that … – well I won’t tell all my great ideas, simply because the news spread too fast (see point 1).

George Gamow

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