Blog that tracks research job market found 3D-PTV job vacancy

is the bio-curros blog that scans (among others) the Academic Transfer website. This time it finds the following advertisement:

PhD student “Tracers take the tube” [URL]
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

The PhD project concerns an experimental study, with substantial theoretical and numerical aspects, focused on the understanding of particle advection in 3D time-periodic viscous flows. For this purpose a high-resolution 3D Particle Tracking Velocimetry method (3D-PTV), employing a four-camera set-up and dedicated software (developed at ETH, Zurich), will be adapted and used for highly-accurate measurement of particle paths, particle displacements and velocity field. These experimental data will enable computation of the 3D flow map and the associated deformation tensor. This flow map and deformation tensor, in turn, will enable identification of the coherent structures (including the small-scale tubes mentioned above) that make up the topology and determine the particle advection. Furthermore, the 3D flow map will admit long-term particle tracking by which the quantitative effect of Resonance-Induced Merger upon the particle advection can be determined. The experimental study thus will include laboratory experiments and sophisticated numerical data-processing.

Please note that ETH Zurich is looking for PhD for the not-less-exciting project (just imagine the financial conditions :-)) E-mail me if you’re interested.


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