From Andrew Straw – pytrackit to 3D TrackIt

Well, we knew that 3D tracking is used not only in our 3D-PTV but also in other fields. Here is one of them: Dr. Andrew Straw has written several software packages and one of them is pytrackit which links to 3D TrackIt.

is a commercial software, mostly for the research of single flying/jumping/hunting/crawling/scratching/… objects. It could be great if we join forces to apply the knowledge of 3D-PTV and their knowledge to obtain a multi-object tracking platforms.

(and another reminder of how small the world is) the 3D TrackIt main reference is in Zurich – Andrew Straw worked there on the system of FlyTrack [] which has been applied in the following research:


The second link (this is an example of the five-link or six degree of separation theory) is that this lab is linked to the lab of Nelson at ETH Zurich [] which works on a MEMS sensor for the flight control:

fly tethered to MEMS

and guess who’s there now? right – Chris: (if you’d like to know the missing link, contact me direclty :-))


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