Waves of destruction (cross-post from Physical Review Focus)

This is a cross-post from Physical Review Focus

rogue wave hitting ship

Rogue waves, fricky waves, strange waves – see more about the phenomenon, predictions and simulations at the website of Physical Review Focus and even more information about it is available from the web site of Norwagian researchers [here]. There are figures

One of the authors, Dr. ing. Harald E. Krogstad has very nice quote by Lord Rayleigh on his website http://www.math.ntnu.no/~hek/:

“The basic law of ocean
waves is the apparent lack of any law” (Lord Rayleigh)

You’re also welcome to visit the website of the BBC Horizon program about giantic freak waves [here]

The Munchen fell victim to a freak wave in 1978

Watch your waves,


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