Let’s make the change – Scibuntu

Scibuntu ,
Ubuntu Linux for scientists and science students. Scibuntu is not just
another Linux distribution. It is a script that adds scientific
programs and other convinient tools to the plain desktop Ubuntu.

Scibuntu Included Software

Tools for reading and writing scientific text: LaTeX, Ghostscript, Ghostview and Acroread.

Math and statistics tools like Octave, Qalculate! and r

Plotting tools like Gnuplot, Grace and Labplot

Bioinformatics packages like Clustalw, Clustalx, Treepuzzle, Treewiewx and T-coffee

Chemistry tools like RasMol, PyMol and GROMACS

More console tools shar, memtest, dos2unix, strings, strip etc.

Development packages for C, C++, Bioperl, Biopython, FORTRAN and Emacs.

Just SciPy/NumPy, (and of course PyPIV) and that’s it
Work instantly

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