Like-XPIV image from NASA

Do you remember our XPIV? It’s a simple and reliable technique for the multi-plane stereoscopic PIV measurements. Three parallel laser sheets illuminate the flow field and a single pair of PIV cameras acquire the image of the particles from all the three planes. Some image processing and that’s it. You can see the details here, the video is here and the publication is in Experiments in Fluids, 2004. Why do I tell you this story again? It’s because accidently I found the following image from NASA. More precisely, it is used by MIT Courseware of the course of Compressible Fluid Dynamics, see here
Photo of F-16 jet model in a wind tunnel test.

The caption says: F-16 Scamp model being tested in NASA’s Basic Aerodynamics Research
Tunnel. Photo shows a basic flow visualization test using smoke and a
laser light sheet to illuminate the smoke. (Photo courtesy of 
What do you see? That’s right – 3 parallel laser sheets, exactly like in our XPIV. What does it mean? That NASA can do XPIV, if they got interested in our way of processing the images and seed the flow with small aerosol particles and correlate the images. Waiting for their call 🙂


2 Replies to “Like-XPIV image from NASA”

  1. Sounds like smoke and mirrors. In a good way.
    You and your students have a highly visible internet presence. I have noticed some of your work seems to have been used by non-profit in derivative works? What do you think of Creative Commons licensing? I have chosen the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License for my own work but then I have just newly immigrated to the blogosphere. I would like to work with one of your images as a background for a visualization of the concept of the “ripple effect.”
    I have been searching google images for works that are available in the Creative Commons but of course yours are the most stunning.

    Maureen Flynn-Burhoe
    Cowichan Bay, BC, Canada

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