meetings that IfU will attend

There are several meetings, conferences and symposia that one of my colleagues (or myself) will attend this year (some links are from

13th International Symposium — Applications of Laser Techniques to Fluid Mechanics, Lisbon, Portugal, 06/26/2006 – 06/29/2006 Website:

Particle-laden flow; from geophysical to Kolmogorov scales Euromech Colloquium-477: June 21-23, 2006, University of Twente, The Netherlands,

Stirring and Mixing in Turbulence: the Lagrangian Approach from 21 Aug 2006 through 30 Aug 2006,

09/25/2006 -09/29/2006, 5th International Symposium on Turbulence, Heat and Mass Transfer, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Hotel Palace, Dubrovnik, Croatia. Website:

Unfortunately, nobody goes to this one:

06/26/2006 – 06/30/2006, 6th Euromech Fluid Mechanics Conference, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), SE-10044, Stockholm, Sweden. Website:

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